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Our Engineering Teams

Our programming team is a highly skilled and collaborative group. They possess expertise in various programming languages and technologies, allowing them to tackle complex projects with ease. Their commitment to staying up-to-date with industry trends ensures that they deliver cutting-edge solutions. With a focus on quality and client satisfaction, they follow best practices and maintain open communication throughout the development process. Our programming team consistently delivers high-quality results that drive business success.
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Meet Our Expert Teams

Our engineering teams consist of the Top 1% of Tech Talent in the industry to guarantee exceptional results. All of our bilingual software engineers have vast experience working with the latest technologies on the most challenging and innovative projects in the market.
This is what sets us apart:

Top 1% of Tech Talent

After undergoing a rigorous selection process, our teams consist exclusively of highly talented and skilled experts sourced from across the globe. These individuals possess deep expertise and knowledge in the most cutting-edge technologies, ensuring the success of our projects.

100% Bilingual Engineers

All our software engineers possess exceptional English proficiency, enabling them to establish and maintain clear communication practices that effectively address our clients' needs.

Time Zone Aligned

Our teams are strategically distributed to align with the time zones of our clients, ensuring seamless real-time project management and enabling efficient feedback cycles for accelerated delivery rates.
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The Benefits of Working with Augmendev

Technical Expertise

We excel at hiring the best talent, receiving over 1 million applications annually from diverse regions. Using our innovative AI team-building algorithm and expertise of our recruiting team, we refine this vast pool. With a strong pipeline in various technologies and continuous monitoring of market trends, we ensure we stay ahead.
Our certified software engineers undergo continuous training, keeping them aligned with industry trends. They possess the know-how and skill sets to lead and deliver successful projects, no matter the complexity.

Unmatched Experience

We are a pragmatic and process-oriented team with engineers averaging over 10 years of experience in complex projects. Our track record includes working with startups, middle-market businesses, and Fortune 500 companies, delivering unparalleled results across industries and driving digital transformation.
Focused on core business problems like scalability and accelerated development, we use our proprietary software to match the right candidates to project roles. Our goal is to add value and deliver quick results by connecting our teams with clients and executing projects efficiently.

Specialized Profiles

Our teams consist of experts in all relevant fields, from Tech Leads to QA engineers and Project Managers. We provide the necessary roles to make your project a reality, leveraging our technical know-how to identify a winning roadmap and manage the best talent. Our experts cater to your specific needs, ensuring on-time delivery and quality solutions. With dedicated project managers and robust internal processes, we maintain engagement and productivity throughout the project.


We value diversity and believe that talent knows no boundaries. Our commitment is to help every individual succeed, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, or economic background. By working with talent from diverse backgrounds, we build teams that excel and meet the highest industry standards. We actively promote diversity and inclusivity through initiatives like diverse candidate referrals and rewarding successful referrals leading to the hiring of women. Respect, empathy, and career growth opportunities guide our approach, fostering an inclusive work environment.

Smart Working

Our teams know how to work smart. We have vast experience working with a unique distributed team structure. This allows us to source the top talents worldwide to remotely collaborate together in real-time to deliver powerful technology solutions every time.
Our working methodology allows us to achieve our time to market while also keeping our attrition levels low. We have a robust, distributed working model that improves productivity, quality of life, reduces the carbon footprint, and guarantees overall business continuity. Our working culture rewards high performers, encourages career growth for our team, and offers continuous training possibilities, thus creating an environment for success.

Expert Profiles

SCRUM Master

Responsible for the correct Scrum process implementation, and the maximization of its benefits.

Project Manager

Responsible for managing task definition and planning, product backlog, communication with the client and first level escalation.

Business Analyst

Analyzes customer needs to find solutions, and works with the product owner to understand the scope of the project and suggest improvements.

Technical Lead

Responsible for defining the design, approach, and how development engineers should best implement the project’s architecture.

Software Engineer

Develops software, reviews code and creates unit tests. All senior engineers have more than 8 years of experience.

Software Architect

Defines the project’s architecture. Develops software, reviews code and creates unit tests..

Automation Engineer

Identifies the most cost-effective test cases to automate, implements and maintains them as the product evolves.

QA Engineer

Along with the PM is responsible for planning, designing and executing the test phases.

UX/UI Designer

Works with client business leaders and end users to ensure that the product interface has a design that guarantees user adoption and ease.

DevOps Engineer

Builds and maintains the CI/CD pipeline and configuration of the tools and environments to streamline the software delivery process.
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