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Enhance your Business with Big Data Analytics Services

Augmendev's Big Data Analytics Services transform vast datasets into actionable insights, driving your business forward. Our top 1% IT talent specializes in predictive analytics, real-time dashboards, and data management, ensuring your strategies are data-driven and impactful.
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Data Science Services

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Our expertise lies in enhancing the effectiveness and capabilities of your Business Intelligence (BI) reporting. Whether you aim to reduce IT support costs or desire to create interactive reports that provide deeper competitive insights, meaningful dashboards, and scorecards, we can help you achieve these goals. Through our solutions, you will witness an improvement in user experience and empower business users with greater control and analytical power.

Enterprise Data Warehousing

Our enterprise data warehousing service offers your business a consolidated view of data, enabling comprehensive visibility across different business units within your company. With our extensive knowledge and years of experience, we are dedicated to mitigating risks associated with adopting new technologies. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless and secure transition while leveraging the full potential of data-driven solutions.

Big Data

At our company, we specialize in addressing common challenges associated with Big Data technologies, including scalability, performance, extensibility, and availability. By tackling these hurdles head-on, we open up new opportunities for your business. Our approach revolves around utilizing proven architectural frameworks such as Lambda Architecture and Microservices, combined with cost-effective technologies that best align with your specific needs. Through this combination, we empower you to leverage the full potential of Big Data while optimizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

Data Science

Our Data Science group is dedicated to solving complex problems and uncovering hidden patterns within a diverse range of data types, including structured and various forms of unstructured data such as social media content, textual data, images, audio, and video streaming. Additionally, our team specializes in delivering distributed and highly parallel Big Data and Stream processing solutions, as well as leveraging high-performance GPU-accelerated computing concepts. With our expertise, we enable you to extract valuable insights and make data-driven decisions in an efficient and scalable manner.
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Big Data's 5 V's


The main feature that gives Big Data value.


Digitized information offers both structured and unstructured data.


The data’s trustworthiness.


The frequency of incoming data.


Will the insights obtained actually result in tangible results?

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