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Boost Your Team with Staff Augmentation

Add the skills you need to your team without the hassle. Our staff augmentation service connects you with top professionals ready to jump into your projects right away, making it easy to hit your goals faster.
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Benefits of staff augmentation

Streamline communications

Our developers align with your work hours, provide and listen to feedback, and have exceptional communication skills.

Skip recruitment delays

Hiring the right talent is time-consuming. We assemble the right team of experts and onboard them in record time.

Create healthy teams

We grill developers on their soft and behavioral skills to ensure seamless integration and positive culture-fit alignment.

Access high-quality, pre-vetted talent

We’ve already done the rigorous testing for technical, logical, and soft-skill abilities so you don’t have to.
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Our process. Simple, seamless, streamlined.

Complete a discovery call.

In a discovery call, we'll discuss your project requirements, success criteria, timeline, budget, and required skills to see if we can help.

Get the developers you need.

In just days, we’ll hand-select experts based on your needs and required expertise.

Onboard and scale as required.

Our team joins yours, and hits the ground running. Onboard your new team members, manage performance, and scale your headcount as needed.
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Common questions about staff augmentation

Does staff augmentation increase costs?

Staff augmentation offers cost-effective advantages compared to in-house hiring and retention. By leveraging this approach, you can eliminate expenses related to recruitment, employee benefits, health insurance, training, 401K, office supplies, and more. Additionally, staff augmentation provides enhanced flexibility as you can readily adjust your team size to match workload demands.
Furthermore, adopting a staff augmentation model allows you to tap into developers from countries with lower costs of living, presenting a cost-effective alternative to hiring locally or in high-cost cities.

How is staff augmentation different to outsourcing?

The choice between staff augmentation and software outsourcing depends on your specific requirements. In a staff augmentation model, you retain responsibility for overseeing any third-party staff, allowing for a higher level of management involvement. Conversely, in a software outsourcing model, you can be more hands-off by delegating day-to-day management and administrative tasks to the outsourcing partner.
Staff augmentation is preferable when you aim to augment your existing teams while maintaining a managerial role.
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