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Elevating Product Excellence: Premier QA Testing Services

Our elite QA services, led by top-tier engineers, ensure your products stand out for their quality, aligning with your business objectives through customized testing strategies for any project scale. Experience the difference with our commitment to excellence.
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Our IOS App Development Process

Define a Test Strategy

In order to comprehensively address the test rules, project objectives (start and end), assumptions, and other essential aspects, we provide a detailed process description. This description encompasses the establishment of valid tests, which includes defining entry and exit criteria, test case creation, specific tasks, scheduling, data strategy, and more. Our aim is to ensure a thorough and effective testing process that covers all necessary elements.

Define the Test Execution

Our approach encompasses the testing methodology, bug identification and reporting procedures, as well as the process for fixing and implementing those fixes. We outline how the tests will be executed, utilizing appropriate techniques and tools to uncover potential issues. In the event of bug identification, we have established a systematic reporting system to capture all relevant details for efficient resolution. Our team is well-versed in the process of fixing bugs and ensuring the seamless implementation of those fixes, adhering to industry best practices.

Perform Test Management

We have a comprehensive strategy in place to manage test logistics and handle all events that may arise during the execution phase. This includes effective communication protocols, escalation procedures, risk assessment, and mitigation strategies. Our approach ensures seamless coordination among all stakeholders involved, enabling swift resolution of any unforeseen circumstances and minimizing potential disruptions to the testing process.
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Our QA and Software Testing Services

Automation Testing

Our team specializes in developing customized automated test scripts that meticulously evaluate each stage of the software development cycle. Leveraging the power of Automation Testing, we are able to deliver high-quality software within tight timeframes, while ensuring extensive regression testing. This approach enables us to enhance efficiency and accuracy, ultimately resulting in superior software outcomes.

Manual Testing

Our Manual Testing services are designed to thoroughly test software applications from the end user's perspective. We offer a comprehensive range of testing solutions that encompass various aspects, including UI, Usability, Installation, User Acceptance, Error Handling, and Security testing. By adopting this approach, we ensure a comprehensive evaluation of your software's performance and functionality, addressing key areas that directly impact the user experience.

API Testing

At our company, we offer API Testing services that are specifically tailored to ensure your application programming interfaces (APIs) meet all desired criteria, encompassing functionality, reliability, performance, and security. Our API Testing service provides an efficient and cost-effective alternative to manual testing, while seamlessly integrating with the graphical user interface (GUI) of your application. By adopting API Testing, we help you streamline the testing process, reduce costs, and achieve robust and high-performing APIs.

Web & Mobile QA

Discover our flexible Web and Mobile Quality Assurance Solutions, meticulously crafted to seamlessly incorporate the best QA practices into your project development timeline. Our team of expert software QA testers remains at the forefront of the latest advancements in mobile and web quality indicators. By leveraging their expertise, we ensure that your applications meet the highest standards of quality and performance, empowering you to deliver exceptional user experiences.

Why Choose Augmendev for iOS App Development

Anticipates Fatal Issues

Problems that occur with certain software, especially with those that operate with sensitive data, can lead to communication breakdowns, massive blackouts and data leaks. Testing and QA make sure that there is no room for errors.

Focuses On Unparalleled User Experience

UX ensures the delivery of flawless software: simple, easy to use, intuitive, free of errors and efficient. A detailed testing process will guarantee customers are presented with a valuable, reliable and highly-interactive end product.

Saves Money

Prevention is key and early detection of bugs and issues avoids great costs further down the road. It is much more expensive to fix problems when the development process is advanced or even worse if the product is finished.

Inhibits targeted attacks

Continuous QA Services maintain and uphold software security, eliminating weaker pieces of code and errors. Reliable and trustworthy products should always be a priority.

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