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Augmendev is at the forefront of custom Android app development, leveraging extensive OS knowledge and a seasoned team to deliver unparalleled mobile solutions. Our proven expertise across industries ensures your Android project's success.
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Our Android App Development Method

Our Android app development method is a comprehensive process that encompasses all project phases, from design and ideation to maintenance and support. Regardless of the type of Android app you aim to develop, our methodology ensures timely delivery of the expected results. Here's an overview of our Android development process:


In the initial stage, we engage in detailed discussions with you to understand the intricacies of your project. This allows us to assess your needs and requirements effectively. Our Solution Architects play a vital role during this phase, helping you devise a comprehensive roadmap that will serve as a guiding framework throughout the development process..

Team Building

Leveraging our proprietary AI-driven team-building solution, Staffing Hero™, we swiftly navigate our talent pool to identify the most fitting candidates for your project team. This stage is executed with remarkable efficiency and is typically completed within a matter of days.

Android Development

Once the roadmap and team are agreed upon, we commence work on your project, adhering to the predefined plan. Employing agile methodologies, we develop your Android app in incremental iterations, allowing you to track progress and provide valuable feedback at each stage in a timely manner.

App Release

Once we achieve a stable, high-performing, and user-friendly application that encompasses all the agreed-upon features, we proceed with the launch process. This involves conducting rigorous final tests to ensure optimal quality and functionality. Prior to submission to the Google Play Store, we carefully review the app to ensure compliance with the store's requirements, guaranteeing a smooth and successful launch.

Maintenance and Support

Upon the app going live, our partnership continues as we offer ongoing app maintenance services to ensure its continuous operation and up-to-date performance. Additionally, we are ready to discuss and plan future updates and upgrades for your app. Whenever you are ready for enhancements, we can restart the process to efficiently implement them and keep your app optimized.
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Discover Our Android Applications Development Service

Android app development

We build your entire app following a predefined development roadmap and relying on your feedback.

Android feature development

We upgrade your existing apps by working on new features and functionalities.

Android app maintenance

We help you analyze your existing Android apps to discover potential issues and weaknesses and collaborate with you to solve them.

Android app consulting

We provide you with our guidance and help you define a development strategy you can later apply on your own.

Android app customization

We can take your old Android app and completely change it to better fit your needs, from creating a new branded interface to integrating it with other systems.

Android app migration

We can aid you in migrating your Android app to other systems by creating a straightforward path that multiplies the engagement channels you have with your audience.

Android vs. iOS

Android and iOS, the two dominant mobile operating systems globally, share some similarities but also exhibit significant differences. Understanding these distinctions is crucial for users, businesses, and developers to determine which platform is best suited for their needs.
While the list of differences is extensive, here are some key aspects that set Android and iOS apart:

Open vs. closed system

Android is an open system, which means that you can install any app that you want (even if the installer isn’t in the Google Play Store). For its part, iOS is a closed system, which implies that you can only use apps and features approved by Apple and available in their official store.


Given that iOS is a closed system and Apple has tighter control over which applications you can install on the system, the number of threats is considerably lower than those targeting Android.

User Control

Being an open system also means that Android is highly customizable, allowing users to tweak pretty much anything they want from the OS. That isn’t the case with iOS, which limits users to the appearance and functionality the company has developed for the system.


iOS enjoys a healthy and frequent dose of updates with new features and security patches. But Android is different. Given that there are many different Android versions coming from different manufacturers, they don’t receive the same number of updates, which can leave certain Android versions outdated.
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